Connect with our team
to help you do more with Stames.

With our service request, you can request to customize and structure your stames software to fit your day to day business processes. Upon receipt of your service request, a service agent will be assigned to you. Please note that you can send one request at a time and all service requests are paid services.
Connect a domain

With our service request, you can connect your registered domain or sub-domain to your software module.

Form Integration

Customize or integrate stames into your website forms easily. Turn your website form data into tickets.

Software Customization

Customize their software module with more features than is available to fit your business processes.

SSL Certificate

Secure your domain with an SSL certificate. With an SSL certificate you can encrypt all your http requests & responses.

Remove Branding

Do you want to remove "Powered by Stames" branding from your software module? Send a service request to do just that.

APP Integrations

Let our team help you integrate Stames into your user-based applications using the Stames API infrastructure.