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B2C is an acronym for "business-to-consumer." A B2C business is one that sells products or services directly to the consumer. Whilst B2B is an acronym for "business-to-business." A B2B business is one that offer the things other businesses need to operate and grow.
To get stames fully customized for your business is simple. All you need to do is sign up for an account by choosing any of the plans that best defines your business. After login, you can be able to send a service request for that software module for full customization.

Our sales & technical team will then calculate the extra costs needed for the upgrade and set it up.
Yes, you can connect a domain or sub-domain to your software modules. All you need to do is register the domain. Then using your zone editor, update your dns for that domain to point to the ip address of our server as described here under domain connect section.
Stames functions as a one-stop solution for all customer support, queries, requests, complaints and assistance needs. It empowers your customer support team to handle all customer complaints and requests from one place without any hassle.

Learn more about the benefits of Stames here.
Subscription expiration doesnt neccessarily mean data loss. Under our terms of use, Stames is obligated to preserve data for atleast a year unless instructed otherwise by the user.

Once your module subscription expires, Stames gives 2 weeks grace period during which software would still be functional however admin and staff user accounts maybe locked out of their accounts. Customer portals would still function as usual.

Once the grace period expires, the software module is taken offline automatically and can only be restored once payment is effected.

Read more about our terms of use here.
Yes, you can create as many software modules as you want for your business or businesses.
It's very simple. You signup for an account by choosing a pricing plan that is suitable for your business. After choosing a plan, you will go through the registration and software module creation process. After completion, you will need to verify your account to gain access to your account and software module.

Learn more from here.
At the moment, upgrading or downgrading your subscription plan is prohibited. However users can change your subscription recursion from monthly to yearly or vice versa.
We accept credit card payments, mobile money and some bank payments as well.
If you want to place a new order for another software module using the same subscriber account. Then log into your subscriber account and the visit our pricing plans page.

Choose a plan and you will redirected to an order page where you can create your new software module after you complete the checkout process.
The self service portal is an extension of your software module whereby you give login access to your customers to access your support services. The platform greatly improves your customer relationships and allows your customers to use the portal to submit tickets, rate your team performance, generate report, manage tickets or requests including replying to tickets and much more.