Single point of communication
for all your support & customer needs

Stames functions as a one-stop solution for all customer support, queries, requests, complaints and assistance needs across multiple channels & apps. It empowers customer service teams to handle all customer complaints and requests from one place without any hassle.


Stames integrates seamlessly with your website contact form or with social media platforms and converts message details into customer requests.


Stames API

The Stames API gives developers the tools to handle form requests, passing and formatting data into message body & sending data to module.


Sites & locations

Stames allows businesses to manage and support their clients assets by populating sites and locations of the assets to allow users to easily submit request.


Team Delegation

Create a staff account for your support staff, assign them to tasks and hold them responsible for customer request resolutions based on department and expertise.


Customer Feedback

Get valuable feedback from your customers on each resolved request. Give your customer access to a self-service portal to access your support services.


Company Profiles

Improve your customer relationship by creating company profiles for each of your client companies & connecting their staff account to the profile.


Prioritize Tickets

Stames can help you properly prioritize which issues need attention the most. This will help you to determine how to delegate each request.


Track Response Times

Stames tracks time spent on each step of the solution process by simplifying various complex and time taking day-to-day processes.

Amazing innovative features
to fully automate your support processes

Stames fully automates your business day-to-day support processes and has in-built tools to help your business build great customer experiences.

Track & monitor all customer issues across multiple channels

Process customer requests easily

Process all customer request data including feedbacks, complaints, request for quotes etc to your Stames module. Assign staff to departments and allow them to access data associated to that specific department.

Track resolution progress

Track how your team engages with your customers and resolve their issues. Get real-time access to data summaries and notifications right from your dashboard.

Omnichannel communications

Access, monitor and track your customer-business conversations across multiple channels & apps (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email, Web, instagram etc) via Stames platform.


Engage & communicate with team

Team messaging

Take your team to next level of productivity with Stames. Send or receive unlimited messages to or from other team members with account on your Stames module.

Priority labelling

Indicate the priority of your message with visual flair in the form of a label. Choose between sending a message as "Normal" or with an "Urgent" message label to show how important a message is to a team member.

Mark important messages

Mark important messages by starring them. The starred messages feature allows you to bookmark specific messages so you can quickly refer back to them later.


Leads pipeline tools to help capture customer issues & data

Free web widgets & contact forms

Use Stames web widget & forms to process customer messages & data by easily embedding it into your website. The web widget allows you to add features such as guide, support, talk or message to your website or help center.

Get more done with Stames API

The Stames API provides developers with the necessary tools to make POST & GET requests to & from our server in a lightweight format called JSON. Easily integrate Stames into user-based web and mobile apps or customize your customer experience with the Stames API.

Self-service portals

Empower customers to request services, find information, and register and resolve issues via self-service portals. From simple administrative functions such as resetting passwords and reporting incidents, to generating reports & tracking resolutions progress, self-service portals add significant value to business operations.


Manage & support customer assets

Manage company & client assets

Add & manage your company & client assets. Create company profiles & assign the assets to multiple or specific profiles.

Create company profiles

Create company profiles for all your client businesses and connect their team to their respective company profile to help them submit & follow up on issues raised.

Sites and locations

Add & manage sites & locations for all your client assets. This makes it easier for your client team to report issues related to an asset at a specific site & location.


Data analytics & report generation

Real-time data on customer requests

Access daily, monthly & yearly ticket summaries right from your dashboard including open, in-progress, resolved & total requests.

Visualize data

Visualize your module data through bar graphs and pie charts & learn how effective your team are at resolving customer issues or which department needs more resources or attention.

Generate detailed report

Generate detailed reports on all customer request by dates, company or both. Print or export generated report into PDF.


Build multiple modules with subscription account

Create multiple modules

Decentralized customer service operations helps businesses with complex structure & multiple teams in multiple locations or branches to effectively resolve customer issues.

Module preferences

Re-brand Stames & make it appear as your own by changing default Stames logo to your company logo, upload favicon, update theme/accent color & much more.

Extend or renew payments

Use your subscription account to extend or renew subscription payments for all modules under your account. Upgrade your module tier to increase the number of users you can add.


Make Stames yours with custom branding

Automate responses

Automated or canned responses are quick automated replies to specific action taken by the customer or your staff.

Connect domain

Connect a domain or sub-domain to your Stames module to make your customers or staff, access that module using that domain or sub-domain.

Connect business email

Connect your business email account to send out automated emails on replies and more to your customers.


Affordable pricing that scales with your business

30 days free trial

Get 30 days free trial on your first account. No credit cards or initial financial obligations. Just choose a plan, complete the sign up process and get instant access.

Module tiers

Our module subscription is not based on per user pricing but rather per block of 5 users known as module tiers (1-5). Module tier 5 allows you to add unlimited users.

Affordable & flexible pricing

Our module tiered pricing, structured per block of 5 users is exactly what many businesses need today. A powerful feature packed software that is affordable and efficient for businesses and their teams.