Single point of communication
for all your support & customer needs

Stames functions as a one-stop solution for all customer support, queries, requests, complaints and assistance needs. It empowers your customer support team to handle all customer complaints and requests from one place without any hassle.

Form Integration

Stames integrates seamlessly with your website contact form or any form for that matter and converts message details into tickets.


For internal use

Stames makes it possible for eg. a call center staff to escalate requests or problems of clients to senior staffs/technicians for resolution.


Sites & locations

Stames allows businesses to populate their clients & their assets data including the sites & locations of such assets which may include devices or people.


Team Delegation

Create a staff account for your support staff and assign them to tickets & hold them responsible for the ticket resolution based on expertise.


Customer Feedback

Get valuable feedback from your customers on each resolved tickets. With the client user interface, your customers can be able to rate each ticket.


Company Profiles

Improve your customer relationship by creating company profiles for each of your client companies & connecting their staff account to the profile.


Prioritize Tickets

Stames can help you properly prioritize which issues need attention the most. This will help you to determine how to delegate each ticket.


Track Response Times

Stames tracks time spent on each step of the solution process by simplifying various complex and time taking day-to-day processes.

Amazing innovative features
to fully automate your support processes

Stames fully automates all your support, customer relationships and assets management processes which makes it easier for you to focus more on sales and growth of your businesses.

Make Stames yours with custom branding

Easy to setup

It takes less than 5 mins to setup an account and build your software module. The awesome thing about stames is that you can build multiple software modules with just one account.

Add your company logo & color

You can customize your stames software module to match some aspects of your company’s branding including company logos & color, so the app is more recognizable to your clients.

Connect your domain

Connect your domain to your stames software module even with a trial account. All that is required is to submit a request by filling our submit a request form with the correct information.


Give your customers & staff login access

Company profiles

Create company profiles for all your client companies and connect all user accounts associated with that company as connections. This way any user account connected to that company profile can view the status of ticket posted by others on that network.

Self-service portal

The self-service portal allows client accounts to submit tickets, generate reports, rate tickets, respond to tickets, track other tickets posted by their colleagues on the same company connections network & much more.

Sites & locations

Populate all your client's asset sites and location and let your client accounts choose which sites & locations are the subject of the ticket they are submitting.


Information & data at your fingertips anywhere anytime

Access user account activities

With stames, you can access and view your client, staff & admin activities including page visits for your software modules. You are also able to create and manage as many user accounts as you want. Block user accounts, reset passwords, edit user info, delete user account and much more.

Manage assets data

Populate stames with all your company's assets and connect these assets to your clients company profiles based on your Service-Level Agreement (SLA's) with each client company. This allows you to know which client has which assets and more. Get notified when client asset warranty expires.

Generate Reports

You can generate reports of tickets based on urgency or priority, status, date, company and much more. Stames also makes it possible for clients to generate reports of tickets related to their company or account.


Turn your website forms data into tickets

iFrame integration

Integrating stames iFrame form into your website as contact forms, request a quote forms, suggestions etc and turning all that data into tickets hasn't been this easy.

Javascript integration

Stames also allows users to create their own forms and then turns the forms submitted data into tickets that can be accessed from the stames software module.

Documentation for Developers

Are you are developer looking to integrate stames into your website? We have amazing documentations to get you started. Visit our support page to learn more.


Create multiple modules from ONE account

Account settings

With stames account setting, you can be able to upgrade or downgrade your subscription, change module name & branding, change module notifications, your personal & business information, submit an request and much more.

Billing & renewals

Easily renew or extend your subscriptions. With stames it's easy to upgrade/downgrade any subscription account. Also download and print all your invoices from your billing and renewal page.

Notifications & reminders

Stames never lets you forget to renew your subscriptions. With our fully automated notification system and reminders, we keep you up-to-date with all your subscription processes.


Team delegation & organization

Assign ticket to your staff

Staff can be assigned to a ticket/complaint and held responsible for the ticket resolution based on expertise whilst you conduct oversight with your admin account.

Customer ratings

Stames allows customers to rate how your team did in resolving their issues, request or suggestions including the average time of resolutions for all tickets.

Self-service staff portal

Let your staff all tickets assigned to them through their very own self-service portal. With their staff account, a user is able to login to access all assigned tickets and tasks and can be able to change the status or respond to tickets.