How it Works

Here's How to
Get Started with Stames


Sign up for an account

Choose a pricing plan for your software module and start your 30 days free trial as a new user to create your super administrator or subscriber account. The registration process only takes a few minutes.

If you already have an account, you would be required to login to proceed. Stames allows subscribers to create as many software modules as it is required for their business with their one subscriber account.


Access your subscriber account

After successfully completing your registration, you would be required to verify your email before accessing your account. Signing in for the first time, you would be redirected to the homepage where you can access your account information including all your software modules from a dropdown menu of your user account profile image on the header.


Choose a module option

From the dropdown menu, choosing a module option will take you directly to the module page. The account dashboard gives a summary of vital module data and activities including module page visits, user account activities, your chosen pricing plan, your recent request update and much more.

The account settings however allows you to update your subscriber and module account settings like notifications, personal info, upgrades & downgrades, company logo and info, domain connection and much more.


Access your software module

You can easily access your software module from your subscriber account module dashboard by clicking the green button next to billing and renewal link. This will take you directly to the log in page of your software module.


Manage other user access to module

With the module admin account credentials, created either during your subscriber account registration (if you are a new user) or when ordering another module (if you are already a user), you can gain access to the software module and can now be now be able to create more user accounts including staff, admin etc.