Use Cases

Here's How to
Get Started with Stames


Create an account

To get started with Stames, you need to create an account by choosing a pricing plan and going through with the sign up process to get started with a 30 days free trial. Provide your email address, set password and give your software module a name.

Once the sign up process is complete, you can access your subscription account by logging in with the email address and password you created during the sign up. Please note you would need to verify your email address before you can be allowed to login.


Access subscription account

After successfully logging into your subscription account, you would be redirected to the modules page. This page contains all modules created under your subscription account. Choose the module you created during sign up to access the dashboard for that module or access the drop down and choose any of the options provided.

With subscription account, you have super administrative control over all modules under that account. From white labeling the software modules to connecting domain, emails etc. The subscription account also allows you to renew and extend your subscription for any or all of the modules under the account.


Access software module

From the module page under subscription account, you can access a direct link to your software module. The default url for software module is a subdomain with the name of the module as prefix (

The url would take you to the software module login page. Login with your email and password to get instant access.


Add & manage user accounts

After successfully logging into your software module, you can be able to create and manage user accounts. The type of user accounts are however dependent on the pricing plan for that module.

Choosing an Entry plan for any of your modules, would allow you to create user accounts for admin and staff roles ONLY. The Combo and Enterprise plan however allows you to get user account for customers, admin & staff, allowing customers type user accounts to access a self-service portal to access your support services.


Add more software modules

Do you require modules for specific teams, departments or multiple businesses? Create more modules with subscription account either by visiting the pricing page whilst logged in and choosing a plan or access your account modules page, click on the add more icon and get redirected to the pricing page to get started.

After choosing a pricing plan and filling the necessary fields, you would be redirected to a checkout page to pay. Once payment is complete, your new module would be accessible under your subscription account.