Delight your Customers
Deliver Great Shopping Experience

Elevate your commerce strategy with our comprehensive solution designed to delight your customers and deliver an unparalleled shopping experience. From processing paid orders to access vital data, our platform's API & tools empowers you to create memorable interactions that resonate with your audience. Maximize customer satisfaction, foster loyalty, and set new standards for excellence in the dynamic world of ecommerce and retail.

Why is Stames the preferred solution for the eCommerce and retail sector?

For Customer Support: Stames enables customer support representatives to address customer queries in real-time, providing swift assistance through multiple channels & apps, ensuring a seamless and positive shopping experience.

For Store Manager (Brick-and-Mortar): Stames provides store managers with real-time updates on inventory levels, ensuring accurate visibility across online and offline channels, and supporting informed decision-making regarding product availability.

For Digital Marketing Coordinator: Stames facilitates communication for digital marketing coordinators, enabling them to coordinate social media engagement, respond to customer inquiries, and optimize online presence.

For IT Specialist: Stames supports IT specialists in integrating systems, providing seamless communication across platforms, and offering technical support to ensure the smooth functioning of e-commerce operations.

For Inventory Manager: Stames facilitates instant communication regarding stock levels, helping inventory managers maintain accurate stock information, prevent stockouts, and optimize order fulfillment.

One Platform to Unify All Communications & Sales
Across Multiple Channels & Apps.

Stames facilitates smooth communication between commerce professionals and clients at every interaction point. It supports the documentation of shoppers intentions, tracking behavior, resolving issues, monitoring feedback, and capturing preferences. In essence, Stames empowers tailored communication and services. Enhance your shoppers experience by making the customer the focal point of your engagement with Stames.

Amazing Benefits of Stames
for the Commerce Industry

Break down communication silos with Stames. Connect with clients and team members effortlessly across various channels, ensuring a unified and consistent experience across emails, API's, website contact forms, and social media. Here are some of the benefits of Stames:
Unified Customer Experience

Stames ensures consistent and personalized interactions across various channels, from social media to emails, fostering a unified and memorable customer experience.

Boost Productivity

With Stames, empower your teams to work smarter, not harder. Our intuitive interface and automation capabilities ensure that your workforce remains productive and engaged.

Decentralized Operations

Enjoy the flexibility of locally managing customer requests while maintaining executive control for strategic decision-making across multiple branches.

Quick Setup, Immediate Impact

Stames' plug-and-play functionality allows for swift integration, minimizing downtime and accelerating the positive impact on your operations.

Integration with External Systems

Leverage Stames API precision for effortless integration with existing systems, ensuring a smooth and cohesive workflow throughout your organization.

Reduced Response Times

Enhance customer satisfaction and decrease response times by providing self-service portals that enable customers to connect with your team.

Real-Time Monitoring

Stay informed with real-time monitoring, ensuring that your team is always on top of customer requests, queries, complaints, or feedback.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Gain insights into your operations with comprehensive reporting, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic planning for the future.

Improved Sales pipelines

Track leads, opportunities, and conversions, allowing for a comprehensive view of the sales process.