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This guide is designed to introduce the reader to the Stames Software, its benefits and how to get started with an account. The foremost thing to do before considering to set up an account on Stames is to read our terms of use and privacy policy, and agree to them before proceeding to create an account.

Stames has employed several strategies to help users effectively use the software and get the help they need. Among many is the solutions partners approach where users can browse many businesses certified and technically savvy with the Stames software in their location to help provide the sort of help needed. We also have the service request approach where users can submit a service request and get assigned to a helper that will guide and provide the user with the solution they need.

Stames Software is a registered software company based in Ghana. As a software company, we believe in the power of an effective customer support, building great customer relationships and easy access to valuable data and metrics. These are the guiding principles that led us to build Stames.
What is Stames?
Stames functions as a one-stop solution for all customer support, queries, requests, complaints and assistance needs. It empowers your customer support team to handle all customer complaints and requests from one place without any hassle.

It's a cloud based Software as a Service platform (SaaS) that gives business value for money, provide them with powerful tools to help manage their customer relationships, leads, assets and requests. The software also comes with a powerful API that allows users to process data from their website(s) to their software modules and giving access to great analytics and metrics.
What are some of the benefits?
Stames is more than just a help desk or a ticketing platform, its a business companion. From providing access to valuable data and metrics to its static flexible subscription pricing models, businesses can get the most out of Stames. Benefits includes:

  • Access to self-service portals for admin, staff and customers
  • Get customer feedback in the form of request ratings and comments.
  • Create company profiles for your client companies.
  • Manage and populate clients assets, their sites and locations.
  • Get attachments with each requests.
  • Allows admin, staff and customers to use their self-service portals to generate reports on requests.
  • Make Stames yours by completely and easily customizing your software module with your company branding including company colors, logo, favicon etc.
  • Connect your business emails and send notifications to your clients from Stames with them.
  • Easily connect your domain to your software module.
  • Securely send user data from your website forms or any form for that matter to your software module using Stames API.
  • Create, manage and assign tasks to your staff (for internal use only).
  • Provide your customers access to tools including a self-service portal to manage and send request/tickets.
  • Empower your staff to send request/tickets on behalf of customers.
  • No price gouging. Our static pricing will never increase your payments.
  • No user-based pricing. Assign unlimited clients, staff and admin to your software module.
  • No limit on data access. Get access to request/ticket data analytics and metrics.
  • Create multiple software modules with one subscription account
  • and much more.
To learn more about the benefits of a help desk or ticketing system, head on over to our blog here and access many articles on this topic.

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