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Software Module

Stames provides a platform where businesses can access powerful tools to run their everyday customer support or queries as it relates to their assets, leads, problem reporting, customer relationships, request processing, task management and much more. That piece of software that allows users to access all these tools and functionalities is known as a software module.

Each software module is connected to a subscriber account which is also known as the super administrator account. It is with this account that the user can renew subscription, change settings, customize the software and much more.

One subscriber account can host multiple software modules or subscriptions.
Setup & access
To set up a software module, one would need have access to a subscriber account which is free to set up. It all starts with choosing a pricing plan as described in details here.

Once an account is successfully created and verified, the user can then access the software module created during account registration.

The software module by default is assigned a secured sub-domain (example: where webm is the name of the software module). A link to the software module in the format described above is attached to a welcome email sent after a successful account sign up or can be accessed through the subscriber account anytime.
Each software module can be customized with some aspect of the company branding such as logos. favicon, domain, business email etc. This is great for businesses looking to boost their image with their customers.

To customize the software module, the user must first log into the subscriber account and then access the account settings page as described in details here.
Admin console
The admin console is a portal reserved for user accounts with admin privileges which allows them to add, view, edit and delete data associated with the software module including analytics and metrics.

With an admin account, the user can view, add, edit or even delete staff accounts, company profiles, sites & locations, customer accounts, tasks, other admin accounts, manage and assign tickets, create tasks and assets and much more.

An admin user account can also generate, print and export reports by dates, company, year or a combination of all as well as access and respond to all tickets or requests that are associated with the software module and much more using the admin console.
Staff console
The staff console on the other hand gives users limited access to the data associated with the software module and can only access data that is attributed to them either through assignment by an administrator or department they are assigned to.

Every staff account is connected to a department and therefore gets instant access to all tickets, tasks or requests that are sent to that department. Once a ticket, task or request is sent to a department, any staff account connected to the ticket department can assign itself to the ticket instantly making it impossible for the other staff accounts under that department to assign to that ticket. Only an account with an admin privilege can change assignments.

Staff accounts can also generate report on tasks, tickets or requests either by department assigned or ticket assigned.
Customer self-service
The customer portal is only available to software modules under Combo or Enterprise plans. It allows the host company to create user accounts for staff members of their client companies to access support services.

The customer user accounts can generate reports, create & manage tickets or requests, and even rate and submit feedback on closed tickets or requests.

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