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Plans & Pricing

Choosing a plan is one of the first things to consider when creating an account as a first time user. This guide will help you understand the various subscription plans, their features and structure.

There are 3 subscription or pricing plans billed monthly or yearly namely:
  • Entry plan
  • Combo plan
  • Enterprise plan
These plans serve as the foundation for any Stames software module. Understanding their various features will help you get the best out of Stames.
30 days free trial
Stames offers first time users 30 days free trial for all the subscription plans. The free trial let's users experience the full features and tools provided by the software. No credit card needed. Just choose a plan and get instant access.
Entry plan
The Entry plan is a multifaceted plan with tools that allows businesses to digitize and automate a whole host of processes including managing leads, creating and assigning tasks/requests to staff (for internal use ONLY), accessing the Stames API to process form/customer data on any website, managing feedbacks and request and so much more.

Although the Entry plan is fundamentally recommended for Business-to-Customer (B2C) type businesses, it can be used by any business to process their website form data (contact form, feedback forms, request for quote/brochure forms etc) and empower their team in managing tasks as well as accessing valuable data and posting requests/tickets on behalf of customers.
Combo plan
The Combo plan is different from the Entry plan but a lot similar to the enterprise plan. It is designed for Business-to-Business (B2B) type of businesses. It equips a host business with tools that foster customer relationships and gives staff from client companies access to a self-service portal that allows the users to access personalized support services from the host business.

With the Combo plan, the host business can create company profiles for client business and link their staff user accounts. This allows staff accounts on the same company profile to share connections where they can access the status of tickets or requests posted on behalf of the company by other users on the same connection.

This has many advantages for businesses who provide specialized services for many businesses and need to identify who is making requests and on behalf of which company. Users can also generate reports, create & manage tickets and even provide feedback and ratings on closed tickets.
Enterprise plan
The Enterprise plan like the combo plan also provides businesses with a customer self-service portal and allows host businesses to create company profiles and add staff of client companies as connections.

However, this plan is designed to provide vital tools to businesses that sell and provide support for assets such as CCTV, access control etc. With asset management tools such as sites and location, visit forms etc, host businesses can populate their assets and connect it to the company profiles of their client companies including their sites and locations.

This allows user accounts connected to company profiles to select sites, locations and assets when submitting a ticket. This makes it possible for the host company to access all the necessary information needed to resolve an issue for their client companies.
Checkout & payments
Once the free trial is over, the user would be required to make payments to continue using the software. Stames makes it possible to renew and extend your subscriptions anytime.

Renewals Once your subscription expires, Stames gives users 2 weeks grace period to effect payments before the software is taken offline. During that grace period, all aspects of the software would still be operational, however admin and staff user accounts may not be able to access their software module until payments are effected.

Please note that once the grace period expires, the software module will be taken offline but the user can pay anytime using the subscriber account to re-activate the software module. User shall experience no data loss or whatever once the software goes offline.

Checkout Stames provide users with several payment methods to renew or extend their subscriptions. From credit card payments to mobile money, making subscription payments have never been this easy.

To be able to settle payments:
  • Users must first log into the subscriber account using the email address and password.
  • Once there, visit the Billing and Renewal page for the software module.
  • On the subscription details tab, locate the status of the subscription and click on extend or renew.
  • This will redirect the user to the checkout page. On the checkout page the user can review the order summary and billing information.
  • Click on pay now button to initiate the payment dialog box. Choose a credit card payment option or mobile money option and provide all the necessary information.
  • Click on the pay button to start processing payments. Once the payment is confirmed, the software module will automatically be renewed or extended.
If the software module is on a monthly plan, the user can choose the payment duration from between 1-6 months. However if on a yearly plan, the user can choose the payment duration from between 1-5 years.

Users can also change the subscription recursion from monthly plan to yearly plan and vice versa on the checkout page.

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