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Partner Program

Partnerships are an essential part of our corporate strategy. Our Partners play a fundamental role in fulfilling the client's needs, solving their complex business challenges, and fill a key position in the efforts to achieve success for all.

Stames strives to build an open and collaborative ecosystem founded on shared success to provide the best products, services, and solutions to customers. Joining our partner program means you become part of a community. A community of talented entrepreneurs and businesses with the zeal to drive growth and value. We rely on our partners to provide technical solutions to our customers, drive leads growth and so much more.
How we partner
Stames Partner Program (“the Program” hereinafter) focus on the following partner types:

  • Strategic Solutions Partners
  • Global Strategic Partners
Strategic Solutions Partners
Strategic Solutions partners (SSP) are a community of freelance professionals and businesses that offer marketing, sales, web design and development services, among others. Our solution partners are empowered to build and deliver solutions that can address any customer scenario.

Whether you want to expand your services, win new clients, or improve customer retention, the Stames support team will provide partners with continuous support and resources on their growth strategy and our software platform to ensure that they excel with our customers.

Components of Strategic Solutions Partnership There are 2 main components of our Strategic Solutions Partnership namely:

  • Sales Solutions Partners
  • Technical Solutions Partners

Sales Solutions Partners also known as Portfolio Managers are strategic partners whose main role is to onboard customers. The customers could be directly acquired by the Sales SP or referred by the Stames Team. Sales SP's engage in account management such as setting up modules for businesses, renewing modules, whitelabelling etc and can also be called upon to do in-person demos & training for local businesses.

Technical Solutions Partners are usually web/software developers that are able to provide custom technical solution to our customers usually via our service requests. From implementing our API to building online forms that helps capture customer data and process them to Stames module, Technical SP's are key to providing businesses with the solution they want.

Key Benefits Joining our solution partner community brings a lot of benefits.

  • Generate valuable business leads
    Becoming a solutions partner means we drive valuable leads for your business based on expertise and location which includes placing your business information on our solution partners directory where our customers can find you.
  • Recurring revenue
    Earn recurring sales by providing our solution to customers and earn discount off customer subscriptions monthly/yearly.
  • Attractive Bonuses
    Get recommended to customers, attend in-person demos and business trainings and earn bonuses of up to $2,500 yearly as a Sales SP.
  • Get business opportunities
    More than 90% of our solution partners who get recommended to our customers tend to get more contracts and jobs in providing solution services in other areas of their expertise.
  • Set your own Billing
    Set your own billing as a Sales SP for extra services as such account management and more.

How it Works Sales Solutions Partners

  • Create Partner Account
    Create Partner Account by applying your partner ID during registration of account.
  • Create Software Modules
    Create software modules for businesses and organizations (customers)
  • Manage, Renew & Upgrade
    Manage, renew modules and upgrade module tiers at discounted rate to earn recurring revenue on behalf of customers.

Technical Solutions Partners

  • Service Requests
    Customer sends service request to Stames team.
  • Review & SP Contact
    Stames team review service request and contact SP based on stack & client solution requirement.
  • Solution Costs
    Stames team negotiate pricing and apply fees to account of customer.
  • Payment
    SP provides the customer solution. After review & confirmation by client, payment is made to SP.
Global Strategic Partners (GSP)
Our Global Strategic Partners are a group of businesses from countries around the globe that help provide better and quicker services as well as reach broader market with our products and services.

To become a global strategic partner you must be a high earning business or group of businesses with valuable assets and resources in the country the business or businesses are registered.

Requirements for becoming a Global Strategic Partner differs from country to country depending on a lot of factors, including economics.

To learn more about our Global Strategic Program, please send an email to and our sales and marketing team will get in contact with you.
How to sign up
To register your business or as a freelance either as a solution partner or global strategic partner,

  • You first have to submit the partners application form. To do that visit our partner's page and click on get started or simple follow this link to take you directly to the application form.
  • Once application is submitted and our team reviews, we shall send an email with a link to schedule a call with our team.
  • Book and attend the call. After the call, send an email to our team indicating what type of partner your would like to become.
  • Upon approval of your application, you will recieve your partner ID and link in your email to book One-on-One sessions with our team to learn more about the about our company and it's products & services.

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